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CO Ceasefire News: ASK Day; GOP Blocks Bump Stock Ban

June 21 is ASK Day! This Friday, June 21, is ASK Day—part of Brady’s ASKing Saves Kids campaign to spread awareness about the importance of asking about unlocked guns where children play. The beginning of summer, when kids typically spend more time at the homes of friends and family members, is the perfect time to

Let’s Talk Guns, Colorado: A New Campaign to Promote Gun Violence Prevention

In an effort to reduce firearm injuries and deaths in the state, the Office of Gun Violence Prevention proudly presents “Let’s Talk Guns, Colorado.” This bilingual campaign, available in both English and Spanish, seeks to raise awareness of state and federal laws, as well as existing resources related to gun violence prevention in our communities.


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In the wake of the devastating events in Lewiston, Maine, our hearts ache for the lives lost, the injured, and the families forever impacted. We understand the pain of these tragedies all too well, from our own experiences in Colorado, with Columbine, Aurora, Boulder, and Colorado Springs. We deeply empathize with the people of Lewiston