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Gun Laws and Gun Safety Resources

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Gun Laws – Colorado and Federal

Universal Background Checks (2000 amendment and 2013 law: CRS 18-12-112)
Prohibited Purchasers (CRS 24-33.5-424) (2000 law)
Straw Purchases (2000 law: CRS 18-12-111)
Juvenile Possession of Handguns
Domestic Violence Offenders
Mental Illness Records (CRS 13-5-142 and 13-9-123)
High Capacity Ammunition Ban (18-12-301 to 18-12-303)
Lawsuit Ban
Stand Your Ground
Open Carry
Concealed Carry (CCW) (CRS 18-12-201 to CRS 18-12-213, 2003 law, residency/reciprocity change in 2007)
Reckless Usage (CRS 18-12-106)
Preemption (CRS 29-11.7-101 to 29-11.7-104)
Dangerous Weapons

Other Resources

Gun Violence Archives – searchable compendium of gun violence events
GVPedia – Database of academic research into gun violence

We work in partnership with other state and national gun violence prevention organizations that are doing excellent work:

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National Gun Violence Prevention Organizations
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