Timeline of Colorado Ceasefire Accomplishments


Six new gun reforms enacted:

  • Gun Victims Access to Judicial system – repeals gun industry immunity and creates of a cause of
    action for lawsuits by those harmed by gun violence
  • Minimum Age – stablishes a minimum age of 21 for all gun purchases
  • ERPO extensions – Adds educators, licensed health professionals, mental health professionals,
    the attorney general, district attorneys and city attorneys as petitioners
  • Waiting Period for gun transfers – 3 days
  • Domestic Violence cases in municipal courts must follow firearm relinquishment procedures of
    district and county courts
  • Ghost guns – bans unserialized firearms and establishes a felony for possession of a machine
    gun converter kit


Two new gun reforms enacted:

  • Vote without Fear – prohibits openly carried firearms within 100 ft of a ballot drop-off box or
    election site
  • POWPO fix – returns over 60 felony crimes to being POWPO eligible (POWPO: possession of
    weapon by previous offender)
  • 100% of political committee contributions went to winning candidates.


Six new gun reforms enacted:

  • Safe Storage – gun owners must securely store firearms so they are inaccessible to juveniles and
    prohibited individual
  • Reporting Lost and Stolen Firearms – must report to law enforcement within five days
  • Domestic Violence Relinquishment Enhancements
  • Expanded Background Checks – prohibits purchase of guns by those convicted of violent
    misdemeanors within past 5 years; requires purchaser to successfully pass a background before
    gun transfer (i.e., closes the Charleston loophole)
  • Empowers local governments to pass stronger gun laws than state or federal laws


  • ERPO passed by House (38-25) and Senate (18-17). Governor signed into law. Allows household members and law enforcement to petition the courts to suspend access to firearms by those dangerous to self or others.


  • Initiated Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPO) bill. Passed house 37-23. Failed in Senate.
  • Election: 90% of PAC monies went to winning candidates in game changer election.


  • Held forum on Extreme Risk Protection Orders with Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence and Mental Health Colorado primarily for law enforcement, prosecutors, psychologists, psychiatrists, and other therapists.


  • Formed Colorado Ceasefire Outreach – educational branch (501(c)3)


  • Five new gun regulations enacted:
    • Universal Background Checks
    • Gun buyer pays for the Background Check (instead of taxpayer)
    • Ban on High Capacity Magazines
    • Domestic Violence Surrender of Firearms
    • In-person training required for CCW permit
  • Successfully worked for defeat of 9 bad bills.
  • Worked tirelessly against the recalls. Two senators recalled, another resigned over bills.


  • Election: 97% of political committee contributions went to winning candidates.
  • Ceasefire PAC mailed out supportive information for John Buckner, who unseated an incumbent
    with 54% of the votes.
  • Convened meeting of gun violence prevention advocates 4 days after Aurora shooting.
  • Stakeholders monthly meetings (Ceasefire lobbyist initiated)– consensus set of bills 12/14


  • Repealed sunset of “deny on arrest” provision in CBI background checks. The sunset would have
    allowed the 2000 measure to expire. Persons who are under arrest for a prohibitive crime can
    not purchase guns.


  • Tightened reciprocity rules on Concealed Carry (CCW) permits. Reciprocity rules allow persons
    from other states with CCW permits to carry concealed in Colorado. For a new Colorado
    resident, an out-of-state permit is only valid for the first 90 days of their residence here.


  • Ceasefire PAC successfully defeated NRA lobbyist running for HD1 through powerful door-to-
    door leafletting.


  • Concealed Carry shall issue law enacted – requiring sheriffs to grant permits to carry hidden
    handguns to any person legal to possess a firearm. Training class required.
  • Preemption enacted – prohibits any municipality or county from enacting gun laws stronger than either federal or state laws. Denver sued and won a partial waiver from the preemption.


  • Formed 501(c)4 arm for advocacy at the capitol.
  • Law enacted to require clerks of courts to transfer information on adjudicated mentally ill to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. NRA fought it.


  • General Assembly defeats bill to Close the Gun Show Loophole.
  • SAFE Colorado takes initiative to Close the Gun Show Loophole to the voters …wins 70%-30%
  • Colorado Ceasefire forms as a Political Action Committee (originally called Colorado GAP) to
    unseat those legislators responsible for defeating common sense gun laws.
  • Ceasefire had a hand in turning 6 seats at the legislature. First Democratic Senate in 40 years.

Defensive Work

Some of the bad bills we have defeated (many of these come up year after year)

  • Stand Your Ground (business)
  • Allowing people without permits to carry a concealed weapon
  • Guns in Schools
  • Arm Felons
  • Allow people with CCW permits to skip Background Checks for gun transfers
  • Repeal of High-Capacity Magazine Ban of 2013
  • Repeal of Universal Background Checks
  • Ease process for Machine Gun and Silencer Certificates              
  • Bills to override federal gun laws. This is not possible because of the Supremacy Clause of the
    US Constitution.