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CO Ceasefire News: ASK Day; GOP Blocks Bump Stock Ban

June 21 is ASK Day! This Friday, June 21, is ASK Day—part of Brady’s ASKing Saves Kids campaign to spread awareness about the importance of asking about unlocked guns where children play. The beginning of summer, when kids typically spend more time at the homes of friends and family members, is the perfect time to

Assault Weapons Ruling in CA, Implications & Reflections for Colorado

In a recent and striking legal development, U.S. District Judge Roger Benitez of San Diego once again overturned California’s decades-old ban on assault weapons. This decision carries significant implications for not only California but also for the broader discussion surrounding gun rights and gun control policies, including those in the State of Colorado. Judge Benitez’s

Newsletter: October 5, 2021

Supreme Court takes up gun measure; more guns, more gun deaths; news on Parkland shooting trial

Newsletter: Gun Violence Prevention

Local and national news about gun violence prevention measures

Colorado Now Has Three New Gun Laws

New laws that

Newsletter: June 8

  Judge Overturns California Assault Weapons Ban A federal pro-gun rights judge overturned California’s 30-year assault weapons ban calling it a “failed experiment” and stating that the ban is a violation of the Second Amendment.  He then compared an AR-15 to a Swiss Army knife as popular and a perfect weapon for home or homeland

Action Alert: Ask Gov. Polis to Sign Gun Bills

Let’s make sure Gov. Polis knows the public wants gun safety bills. Also, please take time to thank key lawmakers who worked hard to pass this new gun legislation.

Four New Gun Safety Bills on Way to Gov. Polis

In response to the Boulder shooting, four new gun safety bills have passed the 2021 legislature and are on their way to the Governor to be signed.