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Colorado Ceasefire is committed to sharing our knowledge and expertise to engage and educate others on issues, laws, and effects of both gun violence and gun safety on society. We are happy to provide a speaker to your group free of charge.

Please try to submit a booking request on the right side of this screen at least thirty days before your event so we can ensure someone is available. If that’s not  possible, we will do our best to accommodate your request. A member of our team will respond to your request via email. 

Presentations may be available in Spanish. Please make a note in the comment box if you are requesting a Spanish presentation.

Program Descriptions:

1. History of Gun Violence and Laws in Colorado – This program highlights the evolution of firearms regulations and their impact on the state of Colorado. The program includes a historical overview of gun violence in the region, as well as the progression of gun control laws in Colorado.

2. Current State/Federal Laws & What More is Needed – This program provides an overview of both state-level and federal gun laws, highlighting the variations and loopholes that exist. The program concludes with recommendations for future reforms that address the gaps in existing legislation.

3. Working for Stronger Gun Laws by Answering the Arguments of Gun Rights Activists – This presentation provides the audience with rational, but simple, challenges to common gun rights arguments that focus on balanced approaches that uphold individual rights while prioritizing public safety.

4. Safe Storage Saves Lives – This presentation covers the importance of safe firearm storage as a crucial tool in preventing accidents, unauthorized access, and potential tragedies. When available, free trigger locks may be available for distribution. 

5. Gun Violence as a Public Health Issue – In this presentation, gun violence is approached as a critical public health issue with far-reaching implications. The speaker examines the impact of gun violence on individuals, communities, and society at large, using data and case studies to illustrate the severity of the problem. Then the speaker outlines potential public health strategies to foster a safer and healthier society.

6. Extreme Risk Protection Orders: What It Is, How It Works – In this presentation, Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPOs) are thoroughly explored as a powerful tool in preventing potential gun violence. The presentation highlights the legal framework and procedures involved in obtaining and enforcing ERPOs, along with examples of successful cases where these orders have prevented tragedies.

7. Advocating for Gun Violence Prevention – This presentation teaches the audience on core advocacy techniques, including protests and actions, testimony, and letter writing. This guide provides tangible ways to get involved with the gun violence prevention movement.