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Let’s Talk Guns, Colorado: A New Campaign to Promote Gun Violence Prevention

In an effort to reduce firearm injuries and deaths in the state, the Office of Gun Violence Prevention proudly presents “Let’s Talk Guns, Colorado.” This bilingual campaign, available in both English and Spanish, seeks to raise awareness of state and federal laws, as well as existing resources related to gun violence prevention in our communities. It challenges individuals, whether gun owners or not, to engage in constructive conversations with friends, family, and neighbors about firearm safety. The campaign emphasizes the collective responsibility we all share in preventing gun violence and encourages everyday actions to foster a safer and healthier Colorado.

The Importance of “Let’s Talk Guns, Colorado”

The campaign’s primary objective is to inform and empower our community members to actively participate in the reduction of gun violence. By facilitating open and productive discussions, we hope to create a culture of accountability and awareness around firearm safety.

Key Focus Areas

“Let’s Talk Guns, Colorado” provides essential information on various aspects of gun violence prevention. Visitors to can find valuable resources, including:

1. Safe Firearm Storage: Best practices for secure firearm storage to prevent accidents and unauthorized access.

2. Lost or Stolen Firearms: Guidance on reporting lost or stolen firearms to minimize the risk of illegal use.

3. Mental Health and Substance Misuse: Access to treatment resources and support, including suicide prevention services.

4. Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPOs): Information about ERPOs, a crucial tool in preventing potential harm related to firearm access.

Join the Conversation

We invite you to actively engage with us in the fight against gun violence in Colorado. Follow the campaign on social media platforms like X, Facebook or Instagram. Be sure to use the hashtags #EndGunViolence and #GunViolencePrevention to join the conversation. Share the campaign’s websites, with your friends and family to spread the word about this vital initiative.

We encourage you to explore the resources available through “Let’s Talk Guns, Colorado” and share them with your network. Together, we can make a significant impact on gun violence prevention in Colorado.