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Action Alert: Ask Gov. Polis to Sign Gun Bills


Four Gun Reform Bills are on the Governor’s Desk

It wasn’t until 10:30 last night that the remaining bill finally crossed the legislative finish line.  Now all four gun violence prevention bills considered in the latter half of the session are on their way to Governor Polis for his signature.  These are: 

SB21-256 Local Regulations of Firearms
Allows cities and counties to enact stronger restrictions on purchase and possession of firearms, ammunition, components and accessories.  Allows cities, counties, special districts and public colleges and universities to prohibit guns in public buildings and specific areas under their jurisdiction. Correction from last note: the bill passed the House  39-24-2.

HB21-1255  Domestic Violence Relinquishment
Tightens procedures for courts on requiring relinquishment of firearms by domestic violence abusers.

HB21-1298  Expanded Background Checks
Prohibits for 5 years the purchase of firearms by those with violent misdemeanor convictions. Closes the Charleston Loophole and extends the period for CBI to resolve appeals. 

HB21-1299 Office of Gun Violence Prevention
Creates this new office charged with public awareness campaigns, collaboration on research, being a repository of data and research and managing grants (as monies are available) to violence intervention programs. 

ACTION ALERT:  Please contact Governor Polis and encourage him to sign all four of the gun violence prevention bills. 

Governor Polis:   or through web page at  

Suggested message: “Governor Polis.  It is very important to me that we increase public safety in Colorado by enacting the four gun reform bills passed by the legislature.  These bills will address domestic violence, close the Charleston Loophole, deny firearm transfers to people with a demonstrated propensity for violence, and will return to cities, counties, colleges and universities the ability to regulate firearms or the carrying of concealed weapons as seems appropriate for their communities.  Additionally, establishing the Office of Gun Violence Prevention will take a major step forward in education, research and funding of violence intervention programs. I appreciate all that you have done for public safety in Colorado and look forward to your signing these bills. 

Also please thank bill sponsors for their valiant efforts in making Colorado safer: 

SB256 Local Regulation of Firearms
Sen. Stephen Fenberg        303-866-4872
Sen. Dominick Moreno        303-866-4857
Rep. Edie Hooton                303-866-2915
Rep. Linsey Daugherty        303-866-2950

HB1255 Domestic Violence Relinquishment
Rep. Monica Duran             303-866-5522
Rep. Matt Gray                    303-866-4667
Sen. Sonya Jaquez Lewis   303-866-5291
Sen. Brittany Pettersen       303-866-4859

HB1298 Expanded Background Checks
Rep. Judy Amabile              303-866-2578
Rep. Steven Woodrow        303-866-2967
Sen. Julie Gonzales            303-866-4862
Sen. Brittany Pettersen       303-866-4859

HB1299 Office of Gun Violence Prevention
Rep. Tom Sullivan               303-866-5510
Rep. Jennifer Bacon           303-866-2909
Sen. Rhonda Fields            303-866 4879
Sen. Chris Hansen             303-866-4861

Please note:  Advocates from many gun violence prevention groups and other groups and individuals were active in getting these laws across the legislative finish line.  It was a team effort for which we should all be proud.

Photo credit: Lance Grandhal on Unsplash