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Tragedy in Lone Tree

Illustrated need for better enforcement and ERPO He was a vibrant tow-headed boy, but the custody battle between his parents brought an end to his life.  It was entirely preventable, and could have been even more so if Colorado’s Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPO) law had been in place.  (ERPO becomes effective January 1st, but

Good Reads

Impeachment Waves:In his reaction to all the impeachment activity, President Trump has proclaimed that the House investigations will interfere with legislation it wishes to pursue.  He specifically mentioned gun reforms, and declared that the House is a “do nothing” chamber.  Actually, the US House has passed over 230 bills, most of which have been sitting

Rogue Counties and Suicides

Rob Low of KVDR (channel 31) reported on the high correspondence between rogue counties (those which have approved 2nd amendment sanctuary resolutions) and counties with high suicide rates.  For example, Custer County has a gun suicide rate 7.5 times higher than Denver:  Custer has a rate of 49 gun suicides per 100,000 people, where Denver has