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Statement on Boulder Mass Shooting

Eileen McCarron,
President, Colorado Ceasefire Legislative Action

March 23, 2021


This is America.


A country held hostage by a minority of gun loving citizens.

A country where there are enough guns to arm every man, woman and child.

A country where weapons of war are permitted to be privately owned.

A country where the simple act of going to a movie, to school, to church, to the grocery store can be fatal.

Today, in the wake of the killings at the Boulder King Soopers, we once again grieve the tragic loss of life due to gun violence.  We encircle those who have lost a loved one with our thoughts and prayers, but we also rage at the constraints that bind us in this seemingly inescapable cycle of violence and death.

We call on our elected leaders to take action to make Americans safer from gun-wielding citizens.

The U.S. Congress must pass laws to make us safer, including a ban on assault weapons and a law to require universal background checks.  If Republicans in Congress are unwilling to support a modest and overwhelmingly supported law such as universal background checks, then it is clear that eliminating the filibuster is justified.   

And the Colorado General Assembly must act, now, to repeal the state pre-emption law, which prohibits communities from making their own residents safer by enacting their own gun restrictions. Only ten days ago, a Boulder judge overturned the city’s 2018 assault weapons ban on pre-emption grounds.

Further, local law enforcement must do more to ensure the Colorado ban on high-capacity magazines is being enforced.

Americans should reclaim their rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness by demanding more from their lawmakers.

Because this is America.