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Sign Our Petition for Boebert’s Resignation

Lauren Boebert is unfit for office.

 Please sign our petition requesting that she immediately resign.

When Colorado’s newest U.S. Representative, Lauren Boebert, got to Washington D.C., she immediately began making headlines.  But not the kind that the citizens of Colorado can be proud of, instead she is a source of embarrassment.  In particular, in her first 20 days in Washington, Congresswoman Boebert:   

•    Repeatedly ignored the gun laws of Washington and gun rules of the U.S. Capitol.
•    Falsely tweeted that the Democratic National Committee had rigged elections 
•    Argued on the floor of the House to disenfranchise over 10 million voters, and in that “shouted tirade” proclaimed “I have constituents outside this building right now!”
•    Tweeted “Today is 1776” just hours before the insurrectionist siege of the capitol
•    Tweeted during the siege that the Speaker had left the House chamber 

Colleagues of Congresswoman Boebert are concerned that she may have encouraged the January 6th rioters and have requested an investigation. 

Boebert has links with far-right extremist and racist groups illustrated by photos of her surrounded by armed supporters with logos of the groups and flashing a white-supremacist hand signal.

Seventy elected officials in her district have sent a letter to congressional leaders asking for an investigation of her ties to these groups. 

In a year where Colorado experienced the worst wildfire season on record, she is prime sponsor of a bill (HR376) to prohibit any actions related to the Paris Accord on Global Climate Change. 
Boebert’s actions have been detailed in a new ABC-TV news article featuring Colorado Ceasefire Legislative Action’s president.  

You can also read a timeline of her actions in a 5280 story.

Voter recall is not an option for congressional representatives.  Members of Congress may have their terms ended early only by resignation, death, or expulsion by their house of Congress. Expulsion is by a vote of 2/3 of members present and voting of their chamber.  

Generally, expulsion grounds are perceived disloyalty to the United States or conviction of a criminal statute that involved abuse of one’s office.  
Colorado Ceasefire is joining with dozens of other organizations and elected officials across Colorado (including in Boebert’s district) in calling for Boebert’s resignation.  Please help us by signing our petition.

“Rep. Lauren Boebert has tried to disenfranchise America’s voters and intimidate lawmakers.  By aligning herself with extremists, she has turned her back on her CD3 constituents,” said Eileen McCarron of Colorado Ceasefire.  “She has no place in the U.S. House and we call on her to tender her resignation.”