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2020 General Election Results

The election of Joe Biden for president is a positive step forward as Biden has always been supportive of gun violence prevention measures. Unfortunately, the path to saner federal gun laws may be stymied by a Republican majority in the U.S. Senate.

Federal races:

• Colorado backed the Biden/Harris ticket in a big way, with a 13.5-point lead in the votes.

• John Hickenlooper won the U.S. Senate race with a 9-point margin. He bested Sen. Cory Gardner. Gardner has been strongly supported by the NRA (receiving around $4 million in career donations and expenditures) and was a fervent gun rights proponent.

• Lauren Boebert, a fierce advocate of gun rights, won a ticket to Washington as the new Congressional representative of CD3 (western slope and southern areas of the state), formerly held by Rep. Scott Tipton.

State Legislative races:

Democrats retained a majority in both houses of the General Assembly.

In the Colorado House, the Dems will continue to outnumber Republicans by 41 to 21.

In the Colorado Senate, the Dems gained one seat and are at 20, while the Republicans have 15 seats.

Urban and suburban vs. rural demographics played a big role in the legislative make up this year, with all legislative seats in Arapahoe County, Boulder County and Denver County going Democratic.

Adams County and Jeffco have one Republican legislator each (Sen. Priola and Rep. Larson).

Colorado Ceasefire is especially pleased to see that veteran David Ortiz (D – Centennial), a strong advocate for gun violence prevention, was elected by a huge margin (56%-44%) unseating Republican Rep. Richard Champion.

Patrick Neville (R-Franktown) chose to not seek re-election as House Minority Leader. Neville was tight with the ultra pro-gun rights Rocky Mountain Gun Owners.

County Commissions
Jeffco, Adams, Boulder and Larimer county commissions will be totally Democratic (first time ever for Larimer).

In Arapahoe, Democrats attained a 3D-2R commission.

Dougco maintained an all-Republican county commission, despite an energetic opposition effort.

In Weld County, avid gun rights advocates and former Colorado state House Reps. Perry Buck and Lori Saine are now to be Weld county commissioners.

About Colorado Ceasefire’s PAC support

The Ceasefire PAC endorses candidates who support common sense gun laws and who desire an endorsement. We endorsed 16 Colorado Senate candidates, 11 won. We endorsed 49 Colorado House candidates, 36 won Additionally, our PAC financially supported 33 candidates and 85% of our candidate contributions and expenditure funds were directed to winning candidates.

Ceasefire PAC-endorsed candidates for county commissioner in Larimer, Jeffco, Boulder and Adams were elected, and all but one of our endorsed candidates for District Attorney won.

Additionally, Ceasefire board members and friends provided fancy footwork for some supported candidates in literature drops. We are grateful to all who donated their time and funds to help us elect candidates who support common sense gun laws.