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Impeachment Waves:
In his reaction to all the impeachment activity, President Trump has proclaimed that the House investigations will interfere with legislation it wishes to pursue.  He specifically mentioned gun reforms, and declared that the House is a “do nothing” chamber.  Actually, the US House has passed over 230 bills, most of which have been sitting on Senate Majority Leader McConnell’s desk.  Check out this video.

NRA Simpatico:
The National Rifle Association’s Wayne LaPierre went to the White House to commiserate with the President as to his impeachment woes.  But in the meeting, LaPierre asked Trump to “stop the games” over gun control legislation. Read more.

Youth and Gun Violence in Denver:
Denver Public Health released an alarming report on youth gun violence in Denver.  Each year, about 700 young people less than 25 years of age are directly affected by gun violence in Denver, 13 are killed. Read the report. CFCU (Colorado Faith Communities United to End Gun Violence) was a partner in this study.