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Who we are. What we stand for.

At Colorado Ceasefire

We believe gun violence destroys the lives of too many Coloradans.

Every day, we raise awareness about the dangers of gun violence within our homes and communities, and we work with Colorado lawmakers to implement and maintain commonsense gun safety reforms that keep families and children free from harm.

Because every Coloradan has the right to be safe where they work, live, learn, and play.

Our Vision |

We envision a state free from gun violence.

Our Mission |

Reduce gun violence in Colorado through legislative advocacy, education and outreach. 


Colorado Ceasefire is the longest serving statewide, grassroots gun violence prevention organization in the State of Colorado. We are parents, teachers, students, community members, gun violence survivors and more who have been working for over twenty years to prevent and reduce gun violence in Colorado through education, outreach and legislative advocacy.  Our efforts are making a difference.

Our History

Colorado Ceasefire was formed in 2000 as a political action committee (PAC), after the Colorado General Assembly failed to pass meaningful gun violence prevention laws following the Columbine High School mass shooting.  Realizing we could make an impact at the state level, we formed a 501(c)4 (Colorado Ceasefire Legislative Action) shortly thereafter and focused our efforts on advocating for commonsense gun legislation that would prove to make a significant impact on reducing gun violence in our homes and communities.  In December of 2015, we added an educational and outreach branch (Colorado Ceasefire Outreach) a 501(c)3, to spread awareness of the dangers of gun violence and the ways we can minimize harm.

Our Organization

Colorado Ceasefire is comprised of three branches: Legislative Action (a 501(c)4), Outreach (a 501(c)3), and a Political Action Committee.  We are an affiliate of States United to Prevent Gun Violence.

Colorado Ceasefire Legislative Action – for lobbying

Ceasefire contracts with a lobbyist at the Colorado capitol for legislative advice, direct contact and advocacy with legislators and the governor. Other than our professional lobbyist, Ceasefire engages in legislative advocacy, generating calls and letters to legislators and providing testimony.

Although our primary focus is the Colorado General Assembly, from time to time we assist in federal grassroots lobbying efforts.

Colorado Ceasefire Outreach – for education

Colorado Ceasefire Outreach was formed in December 2015 and is dedicated to spreading awareness about the dangers of gun violence and the ways we can minimize harm. We build relationships with community leaders, legislators, educators and members of the public, and work to engage stakeholders in meaningful dialogue on the issue of gun violence prevention.

Colorado Ceasefire Political Action Committee – for electioneering efforts

The PAC evaluates candidates for Colorado legislative office and subsequently makes endorsements and supports candidates financially, which are shared with our members. While the PAC may make endorsements in federal campaigns, the PAC does not support any federal candidates monetarily.

Our Impact

Key bills we’ve helped to pass:

  • Ghost Guns Ban
  • Increasing Minimum Wage to Purchase Firearms 
  • Reporting Lost and Stolen Firearms 
  • Domestic Violence Firearm Relinquishment 
  • Safe Storage 
  • Extreme Risk Protection Orders 
  • Universal Background Checks 
  • Gun Buyer Pays for the Background Check (instead of taxpayer) 
  • Ban on High Capacity Magazines 
  • Domestic Violence Offender Surrender of Firearms 
  • In-person Training Required for Concealed Carry Weapons 
  • Tightened Reciprocity Laws on CCW Permits 
Community Education and Outreach:
  • Offer free information sessions on gun violence prevention topics,  including Safe Storage, ERPO, and much more
  • Memorials and Vigils
  • Film Screenings
  • Gun Violence Prevention Curriculum Plans