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Media Release: Polis Signs Record Eight Gun Violence Bills

Seven new measures become law, one issue goes on 2024 ballot 

DENVER, JUNE 10, 2024 —Eight new common-sense gun violence prevention measures have now been signed into law by Gov. Jared Polis, following a landmark 2024 Colorado Legislative session.

Among the new laws are three Colorado Ceasefire considered to be high priorities, including requirements to securely store firearms in vehicles, firearms dealer requirements and permits and sending voters a request for an excise tax on firearms and ammunition to fund crime victims’ services and school safety programs.

The gun violence prevention bills passed this session and signed earlier by Gov. Polis include:

  • HB24-1348, requiring secure storage of firearms in vehicles;
  • HB24-1353, requiring firearms dealers to be licensed and permitted by the state;
  • HB24-1349, asking voters in this year’s general election to approve an excise tax on firearms, firearm parts and ammunition to fund mental health services, including for support services for victims of domestic violence and other violent crimes; military veterans and at-risk youth; and school safety and gun violence prevention;
  • SB24-003, giving the Colorado Bureau of Investigation authority to investigate illegal firearm activities;
  • SB24-131, designating ‘sensitive’ spaces, including schools, voting sites, the state capitol, and local government offices, where firearms are not allowed;
  • HB24-1122, requiring firearm relinquishment by persons subject to temporary domestic violence protection orders;
  • HB24-1174, establishing minimum standards for CCW classes, including safe firearm handling, live-fire exercise, education on gun laws and conflict resolution; and
  • SB24-066, requiring that a merchant category code be established for Colorado firearms retailers to aid in stopping large-scale weapons trafficking.

Significantly, the signing of SB24-131 (‘sensitive’ spaces), marks the first rollback of ‘carry on campus’ laws anywhere in the US.

Other measures, including agricultural and workplace suicide prevention, firearm liability insurance requirements and an assault weapons ban, did not pass this year.  

“This record-setting year shows what can be accomplished by people with focused goals and the help of legislators who are willing to stand up,” said Eileen McCarron, head of Colorado Ceasefire Legislative Action. “We want to thank all the legislators who worked with us this year to keep Coloradans safer from gun violence.”

“These laws will help keep Coloradans safer from gun violence,” said Colorado Ceasefire Executive Director Adam Shore, “but our work continues. Colorado Ceasefire also remains committed to grassroots education and outreach to give citizens the tools to enhance public safety and reduce the gun violence that plagues communities across Colorado.”

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