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‘Preventing means can save lives’: Experts find that guns inside home lead to more suicides, homicides

Greely Tribune, July 16, 2023 –

A local effort to provide people with free gun locks is one of many initiatives to prevent gun violence as trends have continued to rise across the nation, especially in Colorado.

Gun violence and suicides involving firearms have been on the rise in Colorado for the past 10 years.

Organizations, law enforcement and advocates are taking matters into their own hands through gun safety initiatives, legislation and policing programs. Preventing gun-related fatalities can also begin in the home.

Numerous studies link firearms inside the home with an increase in the risk of violent death — such as suicide and homicide. Along with enacting gun reform laws, Eileen McCarron, cofounder of Colorado Ceasefire, said removing guns from the home is an easy solution to lower the danger of gun violence.

“The safest thing for your home is having no guns,” McCarron said.

But people who want or have guns in their homes should always safely store the firearms to help prevent fatalities whether it’s homicide, suicide or an accident.

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