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Senate Candidates and Gun Violence Prevention

Where does your candidate stand on gun violence prevention laws?

The Colorado U.S. Senate election could help determine control of the U.S. Senate.
Below, a list of Republican and Democratic candidates and what we know of how they stand on gun violence prevention.

Download our chart of Democratic candidates’ positions on gun violence prevention.



Margo Dupre – realtor
There is no mention of guns on her facebook page.

Cory Gardner – incumbent U.S. Senator and former U.S. Representative for 4th Congressional District
Web site:
Actions: As a Colorado House member, was the sponsor of the first “Stand Your Ground – business bill, which would have granted immunity for use of lethal force in business location. Similar bills have been defeated for 14 years.
Selected Votes:
2016 – S. amdt 4720 Voted NO on prohibited firearms to terrorists
2016 – S. amdt 4750 Voted NO on Fix Gun Checks Act
2014 – H. amdt 1098 Voted YES on prohibiting DC from implementing firearms laws
2011 – HR 822 – Voted YES on Concealed Carry Reciprocity
2007 – Voted NO on Colorado SB07-34 CCW residency restrictions




Diana Bray – psychologist and climate activist
Web site:

Lorena Garcia – community organizer
Web site:

Dave Goldfischer – professor at the University of Denver, U.S. national security professional
Web site:

John Hickenlooperformer mayor of Denver and Governor of Colorado.
Signed 2013 Gun laws, including Universal Background Checks, High Capacity Magazine Ban, and Domestic Violence Relinquishment
In June 2014, told sheriffs he regretted signing the High Capacity Magazine Ban law and that he did so because of a staff commitment, saying “No one in our office thought it would get through the legislature.”
Web site:

Critter Milton – financial adviser, outdoor enthusiast
Web site:

Andrew Romanoff – former speaker of the Colorado House, candidate for US Senate in 2010 and nominee for US House CD 6 in 2014.
Web site:
Brought Democrats into control of Colorado House after 28 years in minority. Only
Speaker to serve 2 terms in the last 20+ years.
Brought the mental health community into support of ERPO, worked to get bill
introduced in 2018, and was speaker at the introductory press conference.

Stephany Rose Spaulding – University of Colorado, Colorado Springs professor and nominee for
US House CD 5 in 2018.
Web site:

Erik Underwood
A tech entrepreneur running as a Democrat. In 2016 he ran as a Republican for the U.S. Senate.
At the state Republican convention, he spewed red meat comments: “They’re not going to take
your guns away if I’m in the United States Senate.”
Web site:

Michelle Ferringno Warren – immigration activist, community organizer
Web site:

Trish Zornio, biomedical scientist
Web site: