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We have entered the final sprint towards the Nov. 4th elections, and if you haven’t already been helping candidates, now is the time to get started.  Need some ideas?   See the following list of critical races.    We define critical races as those where the voting populace is evenly divided between the parties.  Find how you can help by using the web site provided.

Ceasefire Political Committee Endorsed Candidates:

As the senate is currently 18-17, much focus is given to the senate.

Senator Jeanne Nicholson (SD16)

              SW Denver,  Littleton,  Evergreen,  Golden, etc.  This is a sprawling district and

              extremely close in registration (D/R/U).   Jeanne has been a great supporter of

              rational gun laws, her opponent is tight with the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners

             (RMGO) and has received $4000 from them.

Senator Michael Merrifield (SD11)

              Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs.  This seat was taken by the Republicans

              in the recall of Senate President John Morse.   The usurper (Bernie Herpin) is a

              fervent gun rights proponent who has voted to repeal the 2013 gun laws.  

              Herpin has received $1500 from the RMGO.

The following representatives/candidates in swing seats have supported rational gun policies:

Representative Daniel Kagan (HD3)

               Cherry Hills Village,  Centennial, etc.

Representative Tony Exum (HD17) 

               Colorado Springs

Mary Parker (HD22)

               Opponent is a pro-gun rights extremist, has received $2000 from RMGO, and

               is frequently absent from his elected job.

Representative Dianne Primavera (HD33)


Representative Dave Young (HD 50)

               Greeley     Opponent has received $2000 frm RMGO.

Representative Mike McLachlan (HD59)

               Durango    Opponent has received $1000 from RMGO.

Other races

Although not endorsed by Ceasefire (for a variety of reasons), there are a number of races that are of concern to us.  In each of these races, the candidate listed below is far more mainstream than his or her opponent.

Kerry Donovan (SD5 )  Opponent  has received $2000 from RMGO.

Senator Rachel Zenzinger (SD 19 - Arvada)  Opponent is an off-the-deep-end gun rights supporter who has received $4000 from RMGO.

Senator Cheri Jahn (SD20 – Wheat Ridge) Opponent has received $2000 from RMGO.

Senator Andy Kerr (SD22 – Lakewood/Littleton) Opponent is also an extremist gun rights supporter and has received $4000 from RMGO.

Judy Solano (SD24 – Adams County)

Governor John Hickenlooper

Senator Mark Udall - Although he's broken our hearts numerous times by his votes, he redeemed himself somewhat with his vote on background checks.  His opponent Cory Gardner had a 100% pro-gun-rights voting record in the Colorado house and sponsored Stand Your Ground legislation (still not law after 9 tries).

Andrew Romanoff (Congressional District 6) challenging incumbent Mike Coffman, whose district includes the Aurora Theater, but who has done nothing constructive on the issue, ever.

Don Quick (Attorney General) open seat

Joe Neguse (Secretary of State) open seat

Gun violence is the second leading cause of death for children.
Video on Protecting Children from Gun Violence


Michael Bennet    303-455-7600      202-224-5852        
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Mark Udall            303-650-7820      202-224-5941         
     websitefor emails:

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"Nonviolence does not seek to defeat or humiliate the opponent but to win friendship and understanding, " Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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